Spirit of searching beyond what is known.

Botella de San Juan con caja de madera

Dominio de Atauta “San Juan” is born out of the commitment with a unique wine heritage. It is the result of the passion for the work of a group of people with an open spirit that is not satisfied with what is known.

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San Juan 1

Small jewel by the Atauta Valley

In a terrace with a slight south orientation, in a sub valley parallel to the Atauta Valley, we can find the Valley of San Juan. The area named San Juan, comprises 0,45 hectares of vineyards distributed in 7 plots and a total of 1.415 vines.
San Juan 2

Very poor soil, enormous elegance

1,2 meters of sand with a very low percentage of clay and limestone, make the plant to dig its roots in the micro-breaks of the main limestone rock in search for nutrients. This poor sand will produce wines with a maximum elegance, with a subtle and delicate tannin.
San Juan 3

The best wines, balanced vineyard

As part of the recovery plan of San Juan, it has been necessary to carry out actions such as fencing off the plots to minimize the damage of different animals that live in the valley and incorporating organic matter progressively until we find the perfect balance.
San Juan 4

Small plot with a unique personality

To elaborate this wine, the work of a team that has pampered for years seven small plots with 140-year-old vines has been necessary.

“San Juan” is born out of the concern of a team that is not settled with what is known and takes its concern for producing terroir wines to the highest level. In the mouth it is fine, subtle and delicate, developing until it floods us with an endless perfume.

Dominio de Atauta San Juan 2016 is the product of the 4th harvest since the recovery plan of this terroir began.

The harvest of the 1.415 vines 140 years old distributed in 7 plots inside the San Juan terroir took place on October 13th 2016, with a harvest of 887 Kg.

After a double selection of clusters and grapes, the wine was vatted by gravity in a 1.000-liter stainless steel tank.

After 7 days of cold maceration at a temperature below 10ºC and 2 punch-downs per day, it fermented with its own yeasts for 11 days at a maximum temperature of 27ºC, adapting the number of daily punch-downs to its needs.

After alcoholic fermentation, it macerated for 13 days with its skins in search of the right point of structure. Malolactic fermentation and aging for 16 months in French oak barrels of second use.

Bigarreau cherry color.

Deep and intense aroma, perfumed. Its most balsamic and fresh profile stands out, where lemon thyme and rosemary accompany ripe red fruit.

Tremendously elegant in the mouth, with very subtle and silky tannins, tasty with a red fruit long finish.

The 27th of September, 2018, 605 750 ml bottles were produced.

99 Gourmets
96 Wine Advocate
95 Peñin
93 Tim Atkin

Roasted meats, cured cheeses, mushrooms, red meats, legumes.