We are surrounded by holm oaks, oaks and aromatic herbs such as thyme and rosemary. Vegetable gardens, mushrooms and animals such as hares, partridges, roe deer and boars. Also, vultures and eagles in an ecosystem that will eventually be transferred to the wine by pure interaction of all the elements.

To learn about the work we do, it is essential to visit the valley to which we belong and the exceptional vineyard we work with.

The best way to understand our wines is through the vineyard, that is why, the visit to our winery includes a tour around the main sites of the valley and a direct contact with nature and its culture.

A walk through the neighborhood of old wineries considered Site of Cultural Interest, experience the smell of aromatic herbs and see up close the different vineyards with its different soils, heights and orientations to better understand our wines.


The visit begins in the winery with a brief explanation of the site. From there, a tour through the vineyard in a vehicle owned by the winery along which the following stops will be made:

A viewpoint from where you can see El Plantío, a group of 141 wineries and 25 presses excavated in limestone. They were built for the most part during the 19th century, although the first records of the existence of vineyards in the area date back to 1201.

We visited small plots of 120-year-old goblet vines standing at 1,050 meters above sea level. Spacing in this small goblet vineyard, known as Punto Alto, easily extends to two meters or more between rows and vines. Pruned vines rise no higher than a foot from the ground, a necessary precaution in this land of severe cold, drought, and frost. The vineyard itself could barely be half a hectare in size and the yields, below 20 hl/ha, are pyrrhic.

Then we will move to La Roza, which is a vineyard made up of 2.29 hectares of 165-year-old vines distributed in 19 plots. Within all of them, three plots of 0.24 ha and 689 vines stand out for their quality.
In the recovery plan for La Roza, it has been necessary to carry out actions such as fencing the plots to reduce damage from the different animals that inhabit the valley or progressively incorporating organic matter into the soil.

And finally we will visit La Mala. This is the example of commitment to our unique wine heritage. The fruit of the sustained personal effort of this team, each day more in love with the Atauta Valley. La Mala represents the maximum expression of minerality in this valley. A perfect balance between the delicacy of the tannin from the sand and the power provided by the 10 cm of clay before the roots sink into the limestone rock.

And back at the winery we will taste 4 wines that you can accompany with a plate of gourmet Manchego cheeses from the 1605 cheese factory.


From Mondays to Sundays: 11:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.


Saturday afternoons, Sundays and holidays: minimum 6 pax.


· If you make the visit to the vineyard in your own vehicle, make sure that your vehicle has enough height to avoid the irregularities of the road.
· Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.


Visit to the Atauta Valley and tasting of 4 wines
Duration: 2h 30min
Price per person: €30


· Tasting and gourmet tasting of Manchego cheeses 1605: €5. Add 30 minutes to the experience.

· Travel in the vineyard in a winery vehicle: €0. Limited places.