Elegance at its maximum expression

Llanos del Almendro con caja de madera

Dominio de Atauta Llanos del Almendro Mala is an example of commitment with a unique viticultural heritage and product of a commendable personal effort sustained and supported by a winery that is increasingly in love with the valley in which is located.

Los llanos 1

Silkiness, length and complexity

Since 2001 we elaborate Llanos del Almendro as the maximum expression of the elegance that this old vineyard is able to produce on poor and sandy soils.
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over sand

The elegant character of Llanos del Almendro is marked by the soil where the vines are planted. 60 cm of very poor loose sand with a slight presence of small pebbles in the surface, followed by a second layer of another 60 cm of slightly richer sand.
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Wine that reflects the essence of this terroir

Our main goal is to reflect on each wine in this collection, the different properties that each plot in the Atauta Valley is able to offer. This collection is an opportunity to observe the impact of the different soils in the different wines.
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A north-facingc


Llanos del Almendro comprises 1.39 hectares of vineyards distributed in 19 micro-plots from where we elaborate our Dominio de Atauta Llanos del Almendro.
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Llanos del Almendro representes elegance at its maximum expresión in the Atauta Valley. Pure delicacy that surrounds the mouth with an endless silk. A special wine that reflects the essence of this terroir of Llanos del Almendro.

The harvest of the 1,39 hectares distributed in 19 micro-plots 140 years old inside the area of Llanos del Almendro took place on October 20th 2016, with a harvest of 2.943 Kg.

After a double selection of clusters and grapes, the wine was vatted by gravity in a 1.000-liter stainless-steel tank.

After 7 days of cold maceration at a temperature below 10ºC and 2 punch-downs per day, it fermented with its own yeasts for 12 days at a maximum temperature of 27ºC, adapting the number of daily punch-downs to its needs.

After alcoholic fermentation, it macerated for 14 days with its skins in search of the right point of structure. Malolactic fermentation and aging for 16 months in French oak barrels of second use.

Bigarreau cherry color.

Intense and incredibly complex wine. Mix of aromas and flavors of ripe red and black berries, combined with balsamic notes of black licorice and hints of bitter almonds.

It is elegant and silky on the palate, developing a great and long persistent finish.

The 27th of September, 2018, 1.701 750 ml bottles were produced.

97 Gourmets
97 Wine Advocate
96 Peñin
95 Tim Atkin

White meats, roast lamb or kid in particular, sweetbreads and mushrooms, rice dishes, particularly those containing meat such as rabbit paella, rice black pudding and dishes flavored with black truffle.