25 terroirs in a bottle

Dominio de Atauta con caja de madera

Dominio de Atauta is the result of a maximum commitment with the Atauta Valley.

A complex wine, with the typicality of each sub zone of the valley is identified under the common denominator of the limestone rock that covers the entire valley which provides the minerality and freshness that constitutes the character of Dominio de Atauta.

Average age of the vines: 120 to 160 years.

From the 940 meters in the valley bottom to the 1010 meters in moorland areas.

Varied soil compositions: calcareous rock with pebbles, sandy loam or clayey loam.

2019 begun with less water during winter and light frosts during spring that presaged a short grape year.

The absence of rainfall during the second half of spring and summer confirmed this scenario, but generous rainfall at the beginning of September caused the grapes to put on weight, loosing concentration but achieving a fresher balance.

Selection of the best vineyards among the 25 terroirs in the Atauta Valley.

Production by terroir in wooden vats and concrete tanks, selecting the material according to the characteristics of the grapes in each terroir.

Bright cherry color with hints of violet.

Clean aroma, very intense and complex of red and black fruits accompanied with aromas or aromatic herbs that mix perfectly with a mineral background of chalk from the chalky rock on which the Atauta Valley sits.

It maintains the freshest and most elegant style, faithfully expressing the personality of the Atauta Valley.

94 Peñin
94 J. Suckling

45.528 bottles 0,75L
900 bottles 1,5L

White and red meats, roast lamb or kid in particular, sweetbreads and mushrooms, rice dishes, particularly those containing meat such rabbit paella, rice black pudding and any dish seasoned with black truffle.

The wine speaks for itself, showing great potential and intensity, with a long and fresh finish.

Dominio de Atauta 2019 is complexity, balance and freshness.