A unique view of the Atauta Valley

Dominio de Atauta Dos Fincas shows the uniqueness of the two terroirs that stood out in the 2018 vintage.

The enormous personality, intensity and structure provided by the deep clay soil of ‘Valdegatiles Jr.’ combined with the freshness and incredible minerality provided by the terroir of ‘El Panderón’, with its shallower soil and therefore closer proximity to limestone, result in a deliciously balanced wine.

Avarage age: 130-140 year old.

Altitude over sea level: 940 meters

Soils: clay soils compositions from 1 to 1,4 meters depth on a calcareous bedrock

Climate: Extreme continental climate with Mediterranean characteristics, notes of its long and cold winters and short and hot summers.

2018 has been a vintage full of surprises: Spring frosts suggested another difficult year, but the amount of water accumulated during the winter allowed the vines to recover and sprout well… and surprisingly, with lots of grapes. A cold and late cycle heralded a very late harvest, synonymous in the area with a complicated vintage, but an unusually warm and dry September and October allowed for perfect harvest conditions.

Wine ageing: 16 months in french oak barrels (15% new and the rest are used), followed by four months of aging in french oak vats.

Proccess: Fermented in smal stainless-steel tanks with different vinification strategies such as direct pressing, skin maceration or ‘orange’ type, followed by aging on lees in 600 L. barrels of various uses. The final blending combines the best of each of the winemaking process in a better and more complex blend than any of the winemaking process alone.

Dominio de Atauta Dos Fincas is born from a unique blend of two different terroirs that stood out in the 2018 vintage. On one hand, ‘El Panderón’, with deep clay soil, provides structure, intensity and enormous personality. On the other hand, Valdegatiles Jr. has also clay soil, but not so deep, so the characteristic limestone rock of the Atauta Valley is closer, and this turns into a very good freshness and incredible minerality.

93 Tim Atkin

White meats such us roast lamb. Very good with rice dishes, particularly those containing meat, and any dish seasoned with black truffle.

Dominio de Atauta Dos Fincas 2018 technical sheet

Dominio de Atauta Dos Fincas 2018 will only be elaborated in those vintages when two terroirs show exceptional uniqueness.