La Mala, among the best-valued wines from Ribera del Duero

The magazine Wine & Spirits, through its critic Doug Frost (Master of Wine and Master Sommelier), has placed La Mala among the three best wines of Ribera del Dumontaje_la_mala_wine&spiritsero, only being surpassed by Aalto Ribera del Duero and Vega Sicilia Ribera del Duero Valbuena 5.

This classification appears in a special issue in which different experts provide their impressions on the different wine areas of the world.

Doug Frost speaks about Ribera del Duero and chooses a series of wines that, in his opinion, reflect the current style of Ribera del Duero wines.

La Mala is an Estate wine made in Bodegas Dominio de Atauta (D. O. Ribera del Duero), which is located in the heart of the Atauta Valley, next to the village of Atauta in Soria.

Bodegas Dominio de Atauta is inspired in the tradition of a valley with over five centuries of winemaking in extreme conditions, resulting from its altitude and a climate with little rainfall and large temperature fluctuations.

The aim of Estate wines, such as La Mala, is to precisely reflect the different expressions of the Tinto Fino variety when the soil variables are modified in a same mala_botella_p